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The 50th Anniversary of Sorors Initiated Through the Eta Theta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated

Chapter Founded April 4, 1970​​

Brenda Davis Murrell - Fall 1970
Leila Mae Hargett - Spring 1970 
Marian Tucker Brown - Fall 1970
Ann Ellington Ballard - Fall 1972
Deloris Johnson Drakes - Fall 1972
Dianne Butler Davis - Fall 1972

Diann Dooling McMillian - Fall 1972
Victorious Griffin Sanders - Fall 1972
Christa Williams - Spring 1973
Sondra Dorsett Monroe - Fall 1973
Joyce Rawls Hatcher - Fall 1974
Rhunette Spikes Lewis - Fall 1974

Bonita Chambers - Fall 1975

​Emily Turner Coleman - Fall 1975

Armisha Mays - Fall 1976

Donoval Mitchell - Spring 1976

Patricia Gilchrist - Spring 1976

Sabrina Blackmon - Spring 1976

Ann McGruder Dixon - Spring 1978
Jeanette Samples Harmon -  Spring 1978

Nancy Dubose Watkins - Spring 1979
Queenie White - Fall 1985

Denise Wright - Fall 1985
Dolores Woods Mitchell  - Fall 1986
Katrina Hoskins Curry -  Fall 1987

Sandra Porter Harris - Fall 1987
Deana Sams - Spring 1991
Felicia Givens Foreman- Spring 1996

Please contact to become a challenge contributor.

50 for $50K Challenge Campaign

​​Sorors who have accepted the challenge thus far:

Fundraising Goal:  $50k

8/1:  Amount Raised -  $65,200

Commemorative Souvenir Journal:

We would like to take this opportunity to continue to work on the commemorative souvenir journal. We ask all sorors to work with your line sisters to prepare your line full page ad and to also document your line history.  Send in the requested line history information indicated in this letter by submitting the worksheet online at this link.

Use this form to submit all artwork and wording for your advertisement within the CSJ.  All images must have 300dpi resolution in jpeg format.  If you have created your own ad design also use this form to submit it.

We encourage you to contact your CSJ Committee Member below to let them know who is coordinating your line information gathering and when you expect to have it completed.

*  1970's - Ann Ballard and Victorious Sanders

*  1980's - Chandra Blanks and Deloris Johnson  

*  1990 - 1997 - Patricia Gilchrist and Rhunette Lewis

*  1998 - 2016 - Twalla Sapp

Click here for full CSJ details in the Initiates Letter then visit the Commemorative Journal Page to make a donation or purchase ads online.  Be sure to continue to collect pictures and upload them and information about the pics into our photo sharing site at